Why You Should Get Your Team and Club T-Shirts Printed by EveryTees

Custom-printed t-shirts are a great way for clubs and teams to promote their organization. A printed t-shirt, hoodie, or polo allows members to easily identify each other and create a sense of camaraderie.

Club t-shirts can be used to grow your membership by spreading awareness of your club or team to the public.

Every Tees Sdn Bhd has been printing t-shirts for clubs and teams for over 8 years and has some tried and true advice to help club members print the perfect t-shirt for their club.

Determine The Purpose and Intent for A Club T-Shirt

When creating a club t-shirt, it is important to have a clear purpose of intent that states if the t-shirt will be used to promote the club, for fundraising, or to showcase the accomplishments of the club.

In addition to purpose, you should also think about your target audience, and what design characteristics would be most appealing to your target audience.

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Choosing The Right Printing Method

There are many different t-shirt printing methods (internal link) used by professional t-shirt printing companies. Each printing method has its own unique set of pros and cons.
For example, silkscreen printing might offer a great low-cost solution for large orders of printed t-shirts, but not offer the sophistication or detailed graphics that sublimation printing offers.
EveryTees recommends that you take some time to discuss your club t-shirt requirements with a professional t-shirt printing company.

Dye Sublimation jersey t shirt

We Recommend Using Sublimation Printing for Club T Shirts

Everytees recommends using sublimation printing for club t shirts because the process produces vibrant, colorful designs that can be printed over the entire surface of the shirt.

Sublimation t shirts are also very durable and work very well with printed names or numbers

Diversify Your Designs to Keep Everyone Happy

Understanding and accommodating everyone is a difficult task, but if you try hard enough you can earn everyone’s respect.

At EveryTees, we often recommend that large clubs diversify their club t-shirt designs by offering several variations of your club t-shirts.

You can diversify your club t-shirt designs by color, images, and graphics. Many clubs print different variations of t-shirts that indicate a club subgroup, or years of activity.

If you have a large club, you might want to offer your members a selection of designs and colors for them to choose from.

Work With a Professional T-Shirt Printer

Success begins with planning and knowledge. If you are ready to print your club or team t-shirts make sure that you hire a qualified, experienced t-shirt printing shop.
In many circumstances, you always get what you pay for, so do not believe that someone can print quality t-shirts on a “shoestring” budget.
Make sure that your t-shirt printing shop can provide you with samples of your t-shirts and can guarantee delivery before your scheduled events.

Why You Should Get Your Team and Club T-Shirts Printed by Everytees

  • EveryTees use the latest printing technology to produce vibrant & long-lasting colours.
  • Highest-quality materials to ensure that your t-shirts are comfortable to wear.
  • Wide range of design options to choose from.
  • Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Satisfaction guarantee so that you can be assured of a positive experience.

How to Order Club T Shirts

It’s easy to order a club t-shirt with EveryTees, our trained sales staff will work with you to create the best, most cost-effective club t-shirts. All you have to do is call, email, or WhatsApp us.