Tip # 1:Make your budget work to your advantage

The brand of a t-shirt does make some difference on the cost of your t-shirt printing purchase. To optimise, and hopefully minimise your cost of t-shirt order, you will do well to define what your needs really are. You may want to ask yourself if these are for a community project ? Or are the teesmeant to be sold at a local concert? Or are they to be used in an outdoor event such as a treasure hunt or local walkathon ?If indeed you are needing the most affordable screen printing attire you can possibly get, settle for the most basic cotton t-shirt on the market such as the Comfy Cotton T-shirt by Oren Sport. If your desire is for something quitemore trendy to sell at a concert, you might want to spend a little bit more for a screen printed Gildan, perhaps. EveryTees has a great team that is ready to assist you in identifying the best shirt on the market for your requirements. This way you will get the most affordable screen printing option that meets your budget.

Tip # 2: Reduce the number of colours in your design

Colourful designs are indeed nice to have but the number of colours in a design will dictate the cost of such t-shirts. The more the colours, the more expensive it will be. This is because a separate screen needs to be created for each colour used, and this will undoubtably increase your cost.


Just as an example, 12 t-shirts with a one colour full front print may cost RM48 per t-shirt. However, a 4-colour print will cost RM90 per t-shirt. This is nearly double the cost.


The myth that reducing the number of colours in your t-shirt design sacrifices quality, does not hold true.In fact, a one-colour print can indeed look bold and wicked on a custom t-shirt. By creatively changing the colour of the garment, it can also make your single colour logo to stand out.Andopting for a different t-shirt colour won’t impact the price. The rule of thumb is to try to stick to one or at most two colours for real cost savings.


You don’t really have to reduce the detail of your design when you reducecolors. But this can surely lower your screen printing cost significantly. The artwork team at EveryTees are adequately trained in ensuring your design works with whatever number of colours.And they will make sure they are within your budget. Get the t-shirt colour to work to your advantage and use that in your design to create an illusionary 2 colour design for a 1 colour screen print cost.

Tip # 3: Increase your Quantity

The more you buy, the more you save.Did you know that by increasing your order quantity by just a few garments, you can get them at cheaper prices ?For affordable t-shirt printing, you do not always have to increase your quantity from, say 10 to 100. Ordering 12 pieces instead of 8 or 100 instead of 75 may put your order into a lower and more affordable price bracket. When you order through Everytees, a quantity of 50 pieces or more will guarantee you a cost saving.

By ordering only the minimum quantity will usually always mean paying more per unit. This is because the set-up of the print is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the order. Each colour in your design requires a separate screen to be made. The screens for all the colours are then loaded into the printing press. As is the norm in screen printing, a test t-shirt is produced to ensure print and colour accuracy. If this is found to be acceptable, only then will the full order be printed. Once a print job is on the go, you’re only paying for a bit of ink and the garment itself for increased quantities. And this is why the price per piece is reduced significantly with higher quantities.Whether you’re ordering custom t-shirts, embroidered jackets, polos or hoodies, ordering a larger quantity will always reduce your cost per item. When you order through EveryTees, a quantity of 50 pieces or more will almost guarantee you a cost saving. However, for additional savings on t-shirt cost, Everytees recommends Silk Screen Printing for a quantity of 20 pieces and above.

Tip # 4:Grouping Print Locations

Just like colours, printing in multiple locations of your custom t-shirt can be expensive.  With every location you choose to print, the price will increase correspondingly.Deciding on the number of locations to print will depend on the actual purpose or objective of that t-shirt. If the t-shirt is to be worn by staff manning a sales booth, you will probably only require a t-shirt that has the front part that is printed. If you are going to be talking to a customer at the booth, you really do not require the back part. On the other hand, if the t-shirt is to be worn by staff of a painting business, it might be well worth it if the back part is printed with a logo or business info.

Another way to cut down on cost is to group all logos and info onto one or two locations of the custom t-shirt, rather than putting them in every shirt location.


With over 7 years in the printing business, we have the expertise to apply the most efficient way to deliver to you the best possible quality products with the lowest possible pricing. If affordability is what you want, EveryTees can give you that.

The EveryTees team is here to help you with whatever your needs are. We are open to discussions and consultations that can realise your requirements and budget constraints. Our experts can help you find the BEST value in the industry.

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