T-shirts have made their way into every clothes cupboard ever since the 1950s. A simple white tee worn by James Dean in a movie was enough to wow a whole generation and at the same time rock the fashion world. There is no other imaginable versatile piece of garment that can transform your appearance and have your unique look all spiced up with charactert han the world’s favourite piece of clothing, the t-shirt. There are many reasons why the t-shirt is indispensable when it comes to casual fashion but here are just five of them.


1.  A T-shirt designed for any occasion

T-shirts represent a cool way of acceptable dressing on any occasion. You can wear a T-shirt on a night out or on a date, to the mall and just about anywhere else. There are men who would even wear a T-shirt under their tuxedo when leading the bride to the altar.


2. T-Shirts are like your memoirs

Some T-shirts are sentimentally valuable and remain with us for life. Would you be inclined to agree that “Any life story can be told on a T-shirt”? When you were little, you would probably have worn a fire brigade T-shirt. Then probably your college or university T-shirt when pursuing your tertiary education. Later you toured Europe and bought the ever popular “I heartCity“tee. And perhaps, you were presented with a special and heartfelt T-shirt on Mother’s day. As you can see, T-shirts do indeed give fond memories to quite a few of your milestone events. And you would wear them again to reminisce the good old times.


3. A T-shirt is your Ad

Slogan T-shirts are the coolest way of making a statement.  Even if you wear an unbuttoned blouse or jacket on top, the slogan tee will still stand out. It can be seen as an expression of your unique and personalised thoughts on issues that matter. Politicians and their supporters will wear T-shirts with their campaign slogans. In fact, anybody can use a tee as an effective platform to express political opinion. The tee can also be a brilliant way to demonstrate solidarity and speak up against violent oppression.


4. From undergarment to a cult icon

All it took was a plain white tee in the 1950s to take the world by storm. Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean were regarded as the epitome of coolness by promoting the basic tee in their blockbuster movies. Ever since, T-shirts have never given up this status.  Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame went on to further propagate the social acceptance of the tee when wearing formfitting T-shirts with his suits.


5. T-shirts are simply the world’s most popular apparel

The word t-shirt was eventually recognised and adopted by the Merriam Webster dictionary in the 1920s. Since then, It has transcended all language barriers and countries like China, Japan and Berlin, to name just a few. These countries have the word t-shirt in their respective languages

The t-shirt is the simplest and easiest piece of clothing imaginable. They are popular because they are easy to wash, usually quite durable and easily cleaned. And there’s one for every occasion and for every individual. Furthermore, it’s inexpensive and easy to put on. And there are uncountable colours, styles and designs to select from. But above all, T-shirts allow people to express or release what’s in their minds.

One thing is for sure though. The t-shirt is here to stay. To quote women magazine ELLE, “The t-shirt is a basic that never goes out of fashion, because it’s always a part of it.

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If the t-shirt is a piece of fashionable apparel that allows for individual expression or freedom, the corporate shirt takes on a similar but more focused objective.

In the business and corporate world, the corporate shirt is an important facet of most large businesses and corporate marketing strategy.  This is more so for the retail business. The shirts can actually act as billboards to promote the business or corporate entity and the products or services they offer. Ever improving printing technology coupled with the ease and convenience of online ordering have put custom-made t-shirts within the reach of just about any business, organization, or club.

More and more companies are turning to the corporate shirt and here’s why.


Benefits to the Company


  • The corporate shirt is effectively a walking billboard for your branding. When the employeesgo out for lunch or make their rounds of appointments, the corporate branding is there for all to see. Potential customers and the community at large will be made aware of your company through the branding on their corporate shirt, which should include a logo, a slogan, the website URL and even a contact number.
  • The employees will be prominently recognisable in a crowd. This is essentially key at events such as trade shows and other marketing related events. The corporate shirt of a company will be unique and distinct and this separates them from the general public which will not have the same uniform as them.
  • A corporate shirt for all will bring management closer to their staff and this augurs well for management-staff relationships.


Benefits to the Employee


  • Employees feel a sense of unity, pride and belonging. Why do you think sporting teams, the army and schools all have uniforms? Putting on a uniform gives employees the feeling that they are stepping into a different persona. Many industries have completely resorted to uniforms as being part of their service provision. The hospitality industry is one such example.
  • Uniforms have a positive impact on people’s behaviour. Whenever one is wearing a uniform,he knows that his behaviour is under public scrutiny. This may reflect well or poorly on his employer and therefore the employee is duty bound and constantly reminded to be more conscious of his actions in public.


Benefits to Customers and General Public


  • Uniforms also help the customers as they know quickly who to approach for help. This is especially so at large-scale events. If everyone is dressed casually it becomes unclear as to who is actually hosting the event.
  • A company’s corporate shirt also gives it a good impression to people at large. The shirt does actually help to promote the company as one that is professional, credible and with integrity. A potential customer would have more confidence in dealing with such a company.

It is very important to always portray a good image of the company you belong to. People tend to judge or pre-judge a company based solely on the behaviour and dressing of its employees. Inappropriate attire can really put a strain on business relationships. If that has ever been an issue then corporate uniforms are the solution.

At Every Tees we have the expertise, capacity and quality to design and create an effective uniform for you. Our methods are modern, safe and efficient. From the conceptual stage right through to manufacture and delivery, we give you quality and value that will even surprise you.


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