In today’s fashion trend, t shirts are showing up in every sector of the fashion industry, from dress, to designer to work and even office.  It looks like t shirts are finding their way into just about every occasion and garment segment.  As an owner of a t shirt printing company, I sometimes wonder what type of shirts I’ll be selling in years to come.

When I first started out in the t shirt printing industry, we only had two variations of t shirts, which were with or without pocket and short or long sleeves.  Our color selection was also limited with less than a handful of colors to choose from when working on a print design.  Today we have a wide range of brilliant colors that enable us to turn a t shirt into a real work of art.  In addition to the increase in color options, the types of material used in t shirts is changing, and the current t shirt trend is the use of ultra-modern blends of micro fiber that are called Quick Dry T Shirts.  These micro fibers create a buffer zone which effectively reduces sweating, by wicking any moisture from your skin.

Over the years the designs, styles and prices of t shirts have changed drastically, I would have never imagined that off the shelf designer t shirts cold cost 500 USD?  If you would like to take a look at some expensive designer tees, visit Nordstrom’s online t shirt shop or  You’ll see a great selection of t shirts for any occasion with some t shirts costing as much as 500 USD.

The reason why I fell in love with t shirts and t shirt printing is because t shirts are like free spirits and can be made to have a personality of their own with silk screening or heat transfers.  The best way to show the world what you think is to have your message printed on a t shirt.

“T shirts are like Free Spirits”

Kim telling the world how she feels!

T shirt printing is a great industry to be involved in as it always feels fresh and new.   Who would have imagined that wearing g a t shirt to a formal event is now an everyday occurrence?

At Every Tees, we always interested in learning about the latest t shirt trends.  If you’re a t shirt designer, please feel free to drop by our shop.   We’d love to hear about your design ideas.