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Why Use a T Shirt Wholesaler?


T Shirt wholesalers and suppliers make it easy to start your own t shirt selling business as their services help to reduce your initial startup investment from several thousands of dollars to only a few hundreds of dollars.
Reputable T Shirt Wholesalers are experienced, and offer discounted prices and a fair share of helpful tips about the business and marketing process. Their equipment is usually state of the art and would require a significant investment.

By becoming a T Shirt Agent, you also do not have to worry about the quality or workmanship of your products, as the wholesaler will be in charge of the quality, workmanship and delivery time. It’s up to you to make sure that your T Shirt Wholesaler is reputable and reliable.

In addition to allowing T Shirt sellers a low startup cost, t shirt wholesalers also provide sellers a variable labor solution, as the wholesaler will bear all of the idle labor cost. The only labor costs that a seller pays for is the actual labor used to produce their products.

T Shirt wholesalers also have a vested interest in the success of their T shirt agents, and will usually provide quality business mentoring to their sellers.


T Shirt Agents Should Focus on the Profits & Marketing


Successful t shirt agents should focus on the marketing and sales of t shirts and not the actual operations and production. This is why selecting a quality; reliable t shirt wholesaler is an important task.

Once the right wholesaler has been selected, the T Shirt agent can then focus on the profitable segments of their business, such as product selection, design and promotion, while leaving the operations process to the wholesaler.



Finding a Quality T Shirt wholesaler


Finding the right T shirt supplier is a critical step for a successful T shirt selling business, as your reputation is built on how well your products look, the quality of materials used, and the ability to deliver on time.

A second area of concern is the ability to communicate with your supplier, so try to visit your supplier on location and spend some time asking questions and observing their operations. Try to gauge their dedication to supporting their sales agents, is there a high turnover rate of agents? Is the printing shop in a rush to meet deadlines, or do they seem well organized and confident? Make sure that you feel comfortable with your wholesaler, before you sign a contract.


Every Tees – A Reputable T Shirt Wholesaler


Every Tees Sdn. Bhd. (1134199-U), has been running a successful t shirt printing business for over 8 years in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor States in Malaysia. They provide excellent products including Oren Sport, Gildan, CrossRunner, North Harbour, Anvil, Tultex, Sarra. Their services include Embroidery designs, Silk Screen printing, Heat Transfer printing, Direct to garment (DTG) printing.

Please feel free to drop buy for a cup of coffee or call us on the phone, as we would love to hear how we could work together towards your successful venture as a T Shirt Sales Agent!

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