Many T shirt Printing services in Malaysia tend to leave out on important part of the t shirt printing business.  While they may be very good at T Shirt Printing, they tend to neglect the topic of service! At Every Tess, we feel that customer service is the most important ingredient in supplying t shirts to clients in the Kuala Lumpur, Selangor area.  After all, we feel the great customer service should include offering the client the best price and quality on time, every time. Over the years we have come up with our own 5 Star service system that helps us provide our customers with the best service.  Please take a look at our 5 Star T Shirt Printing system, we hope that you’ll agree that we offer our customers the best t shirt printing services in Malaysia!



We listen to the Client’s Needs – Over the years we have learned that the client usually know exactly what they want in terms of a printed t shirt, as they know the current t-shirt trends.  We feel that the best service we can offer our clients is a solid understanding of the various t shirt printing methods and colour combinations.   Once they are armed with the right information on price and durability they’ll then make the best choice for their individual needs.

We are Flexible with a Client’s Schedule – We understand that many clients are under pressure to meet tight deadlines and lean budgets.  At Every Tees, we do our best to help our clients by offering to hand deliver samples to their office or possibly meeting with them after business Hours.  For the budget minded we offer you the real world costs and benefits for our T shirt printing services.  With the hope that you will be able to give your accountant a detailed explanation of such printing techniques as heat transfersDTGSilk Screen printing.

We Never Sell Low Quality – Every once in a while, we hear about horror stories that occur when an un-expecting buyertries to cut too many corners on their budget.  In many of these stories the buyers received t shirts whose quality was inferior to the sample t shirts that they were shown.  At Every Tees, we only stock two grades of T shirts, which come from two very reputable suppliers.  Gildan from the United States, and a local Malaysian company called Oren Sport.  Both grades of T shirts offer incredible quality and affordability.

We Deliver On Time – Ourdelivery staff take their job very serious and go out of their way to deliver our t shirts on time.  We have been t shirt printing services in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor many years and understand the many factors that lead to meeting our deadlines for delivery.

We Think Long Term – We feel that our long term growth in the t shirt printing service depends on the relationships that we built with our customers.  Our 5 star strategy is designed to help to build and nourish our relationship with our valued clients.  We even educate our customers on caring for their t shirts to insure that they receive full benefit from their purchase.

If you’re interested in t-shirt printing services, please contact us at +6011 2899 2593 or via email  Thank you for visiting Every Tees Sdn. Bhd website.