T-shirts have been around for more than a century and until today are without doubt one of the most comfortable and relaxed pieces of clothing that you can ever own.

A life history through a t-shirt collection

Over the years, it is not uncommon for one to have had amassed a collection of t-shirts that still lie in wardrobes or stashed away in a corner, for not want of giving them away only because they represent our personal life history and are wonderful reminders or memories of the most memorable milestones from the day we were born. These pieces are not just clothes; they are our memoirs of the generations and genres that we have lived through. Every T-shirt tells a story and to get rid of them would be akin to wiping out a part of our illustrious history and who we really were.

While it may be argued that t-shirts are perceived as rather casualwear by many, or sometimes even equated with pyjamas or nightgowns, the general consensual fact remains that a good fitting t-shirt can actually be very fashionable. The different types of t-shirts are so versatile that there is t-shirt for any occasion.

Furthermore, what we decide to wear and how we carry ourselves through such wear can actually reveal who we really are.Fashion is indeed an expression of one’s personality, tastes and what’s in the mind. Style is what expresses yourself, and isn’t there any better way to express yourself, if not with fashion?  Fashion and style are where the smallest of details can leave the biggest of impressions.And a combination of these would also probably define your attitude.

Simple style but with attitude



A t-shirt tells who you are


T-shirts with graphic design through direct to garment printing either with pictures or words or both, will usually provide some insight into the wearer of the garment. Be it t-shirts that have Band designs like the Beatles, Pink Floyd’s ‘PRISM’ and Metallica or ‘I LOVE ANIMALS’ or political connotations, these all tell about the mind of the wearer.Funny t-shirts on the other hand can clearly reveal that the wearer probably appreciates good humour and is very likely to be possessed by a warm smile.And if one is seen with a skull look of a t-shirt, you would probably not want to be too close as he is likely to appear and be tough.


A Picnic or a Stroll in the Park

A cropped tee, or belly tee, would look perfect for a day outing as it looks casual and yet trendy. It is a tee that exposes the midriff including the navel. It goes well with high-waist jeans or shorts. With a flat tummy, you are good to go.And yes, for the ladies, those silver studs would surely shine out.

Cropped Tee at the Park

A Night at the Movies

The cinema is one place of relaxation where you definitely do not want to appear overdressed.At the same time, you do not want to have that drabby and boring look. Compromise with an awesome graphic designed t-shirt with a cartoon or rock band motif, to go along with your favourite pair of jeansand sneakers. Nothing can be more perfect for the movies than just that.

Lazing Around at Home

For absolute relaxation and comfort at home where no outsider gets to see you, try out an oversized and off-shoulder t-shirt or a tank top. Couple it with a pair of comfy shorts or or even yoga pants, and you will look and feel good while you chill at the comfort of your own home.

Your Very First Date

Choosing a suitable outfit for your first date can sometimes be a rather daunting task. Do you keep it simple a casual or do you dress up? For the guys, it may be sufficiently awesome to wear a neat polo t-shirt with pants or non-faded jeans. For the ladies, a simple but attractive printed t-shirt with slim jeans or leggings will most definitely give you that fun and unique look that strikes a nice balance between dressy and underdressed.

Your Workplace

Smart casual for the Office

If casual wear is part of the allowable dress code for a casual Friday, perhaps, look no further than the plain solid coloured t-shirt. Wear this with a blazer or coat and a pair of jeans and eureka, it’s an awesome outfit for work.The blazer or coat will neutralise the overall look and compensate for the relaxed and casual look of the t-shirt, keeping the entire outfit professional, appropriate and not distasteful at all for the working environment.