Silk screen printing is an economical method for producing top quality t-shirts and apparels. It is the preferred method for large orders of printed t shirts or apparels due to the incredible quality and durability.

Silk screen printing produces some of the most vivid and colorful images that are also incredible durable which should last for years! The major drawback of silk screen printing is that it is a multi-stage process and the initial set up costs are expensive. The affordability of silk screen printing occurs when the size of the order increases as the fixed cost is then spread over the volume of items to be printed.  As an order size increases, the costs for silk screen printing falls, because the initial setup costs of the silk screening are spread over a larger number of garments. At some point, silk screen printing will actually become more economical than heat transfers.

The name of this method can be derived from the actual “screen” that is used to stencil each individual color that is used. For a multi colored design, each colour is applied separately using the screens, the flashing (rapid drying process) is very important as it represents the amount of time the inks are allowed to dry before the next ink is applied. If the flashing time is too little the designs may develop bubbles or peal of the t shirt immaturely. If the flashing time is too long, the costs go up due to man-hours or utility costs.

A professionally done silk screen printing should show little or no overlap of the different colors that were applied. If the pattern on the t shirt is uneven or bubbly then the flashing process was probably too quick and the inks did not have time to dry properly.
If you are looking for t-shirts or uniforms for a medium or large sized company or organization, we recommend that you have silk screen printing.

Please contact our sales staff at +6011-2899 2593 or email us at [email protected] to discuss which printing option is best for you.
All of Every Tees silk screen designs use Plastisol ink and CMYK techniques to produce precise, full color artwork. It is important to note that we will only begin printing your order when your 100% satisfied with the design.


Silk Screen Benefits

Durability – Silk Screen printing provides excellent durability as the inks involved where designed to be used on a range of different surfaces.  In addition to the inks physical properties, the act of pressing the silk screen ink into the fabric further increases the longevity of the design.

A t shirt or polo tee that uses the silk screen process will stand up to years of washes and physical abuse.  We highly recommend this type of printing process for our clients in active environments often found in the service industry.

Scalability of Images – Another great advantage of silk screen printing is cost effective scaling, that uses the screens to be quickly scaled up or down an image or logo.  Silk screen printing reduces the about of work to resize images and logos that would appear on different locations of the shirt.  In other types of t shirt printing, the image scaling process would involve making changes to many image files.

A good example of image scaling would be where the client wants a logo on the t shirt pocket, the arm sleeve, and the back of the t shirt.  The silk screen process make use of photosensitive masks which greatly reduces the number of man hours.

Versatility – silk screening allows easy transfer of images and logos across a multiple set of items, such as coffee cups, totes, banners baseball caps, and of course t shirts and polos.

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