Quick Dry T-Shirt 

Your perspiration will just evaporate! Very quick drying compared to a cotton t-shirt. Light material.

Quick Dry T Shirts have become a necessity in tropical climates like Malaysia, as they allow a person’s perspiration to evaporate naturally through the microfibre design.   Quick dry shirts also do an extraordinary job of minimizing body older and sweat stains by not permitting perspiration to build up underneath the shirt.  The main difference between a natural cotton t shirt and a Quick Dry t shirts is that both can be worn to an outdoor event.  But only the Quick Dry will be “fresh enough” to wear the same day, as the natural t shirt will most likely be full of sweat build up.

Quick Dry T shirts also make a great fashion statement as they have the cool, relaxed, in control type of look. A Quick Dry T shirt can be used at both work and then later at a dinner or party.  It is so comfortable and light weight that you will stay refreshed and energized throughout the day.

Quick Dry Benefits

    • Fast efficient moisture wicking and evaporation
    • Keeps you and your shirt drier
    • Fights both staining and body odours
    • Extra soft and light weight
    • Extremely durable and long lasting
    • Maintain its original size and shape

FAQ – Quick Dry T Shirts

What are Quick Dry T shirts made of?

QUICK DRY t-shirts are manufactured with a super lightweight micro polyester fabric that is specifically designed to let your natural sweat evaporate leaving you feeling dry and refreshed.

How Quick Dry T shirts deal with body odour and Sweating Stains?

Quick Dry t shirts help keep body odour and staining under control by significantly reducing the amount of sweat on the body.   The specifically designed micro polyester fabric helps to keep sweat from building up thus reducing the likely hood of body odour and stains.


How Do Quick Dry Undershirts feel?

Quick Dry Tee shirts are very lightweight and does not stick to your body, so they do not fit too tight. Many times it is difficult to even tell you are wearing one.


How should I take care of my Quick Dry Undershirts?

Quick Dry tee shirts are easy to take care of and require no special washing instructions.  Just take it off and add it to your regular wash, they’ll come out looking and smelling just fine.  Quick Dry shirts are also machine dryable.


What Type of T Shirt Printing works Best with Quick Dry Micro Fibre?

Quick Dry T shirts will accept all of the modern methods of t shirt printing heat transferdirect to garment and silk screen,  Please contact one of our professional staff to learn more about each printing method and which one will be best for your project.