Our humble existence began more than seven years ago when my wife and I decided on setting up an online store. The question then was, which product or service do we embark on. We thought very carefully about the this. After much research and seeking advice from successful businessmen, we hit the nail on its head.

A tee shirt printing business it was to be. We concluded that the tee shirt was a fashionable yet casual attire that almost all, if not everybody, had as part of their wardrobe collection. Tee shirts had their way of saw this as an avenue to display their social taste.

Online Store

With the advent of the fast-evolving internet and world wide web, we decided to establish an online store to promote our products. This was because we knew that the trend in shopping was moving away from the traditional brick and mortar outlets to online purchasing.

It was, therefore, a no brainer for us to engage a web developer to design and launch our very first online store which initially had a modest and simple look about it.

Our website has developed over the years and even allows you to create your own custom t shirt, hoodie, baseball cap and polo tee online.  It’s an amazing way to test ideas before committing to a design.


Customer Engagement

As time went on, we strongly felt that we needed to give our customers added value apart from mere catalogues of products for them to pick and purchase. We had to provide news, information and updates about the tee shirt revolution.

This is when we enhanced and expanded our website to provide the necessary informative content in an effort to impart knowledge to our customers. With this knowledge, our customers can then make informed decisions on their purchases.  We believe that excellent customer service is important and do our best to make sure that all of our designs are on time and consist of the highest quality material and design.


The Malaysia Website Awards

In appreciation and encouragement of websites that provide value to its visitors and readers, the Exabytes Group of Companies organises a monthly and annual awards program, called the Malaysia Website Awards (MWA).  The Exabytes Group is a leading Web Hosting Provider in Southeast Asia which attempts toset the standards for website design and development by recognising outstanding websites.  Behind every successful website are its designers, developers and content providers. These awards are dedicated to these talented group of web personnel.


MWA Winner For July 2017

It was indeed a pleasure and an honour for Every Tees to be nominated and eventually winning the coveted Malaysia Website award for July 2017 for the eCommerce category. This achievement made it all worthwhile as it recognises our efforts in giving the customers and visitors to our site a pleasant user experience. The other two categories are Commercial and Personal. We, at Every Tees, sincerely congratulate the winners for those categories.

MWA Judging Criteria

Exabytes imposes stringent criteria in its selection of nominees and winners of the Malaysia Website Awards.

1.      DESIGN

It’s not about how lovely or trendy your website looks like. It has to be focused and relevant to the its content and appropriate for its intended visitors. These would include quality but relevant images and videos.

In addition, the website must have an identity through a clever choice of theme, concept, colours and other creative elements found within. And all these must be complemented by a quality professional corporate logo for branding.

The judges would also consider other factors such as layout, typography and audio.

2.      SEO

The website has to be SEO-compliant. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a set of strategies, techniques and tactics that determines where your website is placed in the search engine results page. Get these right and you will be number 1 on page 1. A high SEO value guarantees your website online visibility and better traffic.


A website needs to be extremely user-friendly and functional which allows visitors to seek the right information with minimal amount of time and complication.

Most important in current times is that the website must be able to be accessed with equal ease on all mobile platforms.


It’s just not good enough for a website to look impressive without good real-time performance. Users tend to get annoyed and impatient when websites take too long to load.  Don’t forget users may just exit your website and move on to your competitor’s.  Loading speed is key to a pleasant user experience.

5.      CONTENT

As the saying goes, content is king. A website content must be relevant and coherent with the website’s prime topic. Content may include narrative articles, music, videos, animation and any other form of presentation

Whatever content you upload in your website, it has to be useful, informative and engaging, one that leads the visitors to want more.

On behalf of the Management and Staff of Every Tees Sdn Bhd, I would like to thank Exabytes Group for honouring us with the MWA. This is testimony to our untiring efforts to give our visitors a great user experience. This award is also dedicated to our talented and professional web designers, developers and content providers. With this award, we can only be motivated further to raise the bar for website excellence.