Message From Founder


Where It All Began

I’m Michael Lim, founder of EveryTees! When I was 19 year old worked in Singapore for 5 years! When I came back, I was working in IT Support, and by chance I discovered the custom uniform business, and then I used the knowledge I learned in IT to move this traditional business online.

At the beginning, I spent about a few hundred ringgit to make a customized uniform website. Later, I found that having a website is not enough, because there is no business without traffic, so I also did search engine optimization, that is, as long as you can find our EveryTees by typing the keyword related to the uniform on Google.

That’s how I started EveryTees in 2015. In the beginning, my wife and I worked from home, with no employees and no machines. We only opened our first showroom in 2017, and then in 2020 we expanded our business and started a production line, and introduced several advanced printing machines.

The meaning behind the name “EVERYTEES”

We at EveryTees have been established for over 7 years. Every now and then, people still ask me, why did I call the company EveryTees? In fact, the meaning behind it is very important, the Chinese of EveryTees mean “every T-Shirt”, and what I want to bring out is “Every t-shirts speak it’s own story” Customized uniforms are unique, it also represents your company’s story is also unique. Some people say that there is a story if there is alcohol, but I say that there is a story in a company if there is a uniform.

The uniqueness of EVERY TEES

In addition to giving priority to quality, we at EveryTees are also the fastest and most punctual delivery in the market. We can customize the design of any uniforms according to the needs of customers. And we don’t have a minimum quantity, we can make one piece!

In addition to custom uniform, we also include printing services such as embroidery, silk screen printing, heat transfer and more! We are the only one who provides services of order and delivery in same day. Urgent order is not difficult for us!

My Mission & Vision

As a founder I wanted  to help more companies in Malaysia, no matter the scale of company, they can have their own company uniform! With uniforms, your company can tell it’s story!

My vision is to be the most professional company uniform supplier in Malaysia.



Michael Lim 

Founder,Director of EveryTees