Market Your Business With A Company T Shirt


T Shirt printing services offer many businesses in Malaysia, a golden opportunity to extend their branding & marketing through t shirt advertising.  Just imagine the benefits of having your business products and services proudly displayed by a patron of your business. This advertising just doesn’t occur on one occasion, as the t shirt will most likely be worn on many social occasions where people are always striking up impromptu conversations.

T Shirt Marketing Designs

The key to successful marketing campaign relies on both look and message that is created. If the shirts do not have a trendy look and feel, or the message is not memorable and catchy, the marketing campaign may never achieve its intended results.  Remember always work with people who understand the concepts involved and targeted market segmentation.

T Shirts are the Perfect FREE Gift

In Malaysia, a “free gift” in the form of a tee shirt can go a long way in building a brand/name.  Just imagine all of your happy customers walking around all day with your advertising message on their shirt.That’s exactly what you’re getting when you offer your happy customers or clients a trendy well designed t-shirt.

T Shirts – A Walking Testimonial?

What’s better than “walking testimonial?  Testimonials are considered the gold standard in marketing as almost nothing can surpass an authentic testimony for a product or service.  Dollar for dollar, t shirts may offer some great advertising benefits especially when they are included in a frequent event or occasion.

T Shirts Are Social

And what better way to get a conversation started about your product or service than a nicely designed and worded t shirt. Many business help to extend their expenses paid on the t shirt printing by offering incentives for customers and clients to wear the t shirts.  They’ll offer either discounts or door prizes to people who are wearing the company t shirt.

Word Of Mouth Sales

In Malaysia, word of mouth marketing, still plays an important role in promoting local businesses.Most savvy salesmen know that once they “successfully” sell a product or service by building a relationship with a customer, they are most likely going to receive a few more sales from customer referrals.Why not help the process by offering customers a nice looking t shirt.

The Next Step – Contact Us

Contact our T shirt design team to learn what our team can do for your business.  Our years of experience can help tailor a design and message to help with your marketing and branding goals.  Every tees has been providing customers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with quality T shirt printing services for over five years.

We will take your t shirt printing design ideas and turn them into marketable, customized t shirts that can help promote your team, school, company or club.

At Every Tees, you can either bring in your own artwork, or let our professional design team create the perfect t shirt.

Looking for someone to print on more than t shirts?  We also offer screen printing and embroidery on many different items such as hoodiesbaseball caps, polo shirts and more…