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When JobStreet was looking to create printed t-shirts, polos, and hoodies as gifts for their international staff, they chose Every Tees Sdn Bhd.  JobStreet is a leading online recruitment portal that connects job seekers and employers across Southeast Asia.

What we do

Our staff at Every Tees was excited to work with the JobStreet staff, as they appreciate our dedication to detail.  The JobStreet goal was to send to their staff which consists of offices throughout Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.

JobStreet’s Corporate Color Code used for Printing T-Shirts

Matching Corporate Colors with a Special Blend of Ink Printing

The JobStreet t-shirt project involved a special ink color code: KTTC 20118, which is similar to a dark blue (for untrained eyes).  The process for applying colorsto fabrics is called dyeing

EveryTees had to perform several testruns to perfectly match the color code using a Pantone matching system.

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is the main color system used by graphic designers to ensure consistency when printing in multiple locations.

Pantone colors are consistently accurate, which means the same PMS color will always produce the same result on paper.

This ensures that everyone sees a consistent message from your printed materials, regardless of what location they were printed at. So, how do you use this information to select your corporate colors?

Silk Screen Printing Was Used to Print JobStreet’ s T-Shirts, Polo’s and Hoodies

The JobStreet order was a little different than most of our corporate print jobs. The order consisted of three different styles of apparel which were t-shirts, polos and hoodies.Usually, our orders will consist of only one type of apparel.

The order from JobStreet was quite large so we used the Silk Screen printing method for all of the different apparel types.

Silk Screen printing works best on large orders as it creates a great-looking shirt at a very reasonable cost. The only downside to using silk screen printing is the initial setup time to create the stencil for each color pattern.

Jobstreet printed polo tee
magenta and blue collar
Jobstreet printed hoodies
Jobstreet printed hoodies 2

Help Delivered to JobStreet Malaysian Staff

Due to the pandemic, the JobStreet staff have been working from home during the 2021 Holiday season.  Every Tees helped to share the “holiday cheer” by packing each t-shirt into a gift box and couriering it to their staff one by one.

We sent the international t-shirts, polos and hoodies via bulk delivery on a country-by-country basis.

Always Try To Plan Your T-Shirt Printing Well Before Your Expected Delivery

The JobStreet project showcased the need to plan when ordering printed apparel. In the case of JobStreet we had to match a special corporate color. The ink matching process was a time-intensive task and nearly doubled the time needed to complete the order.

Luckily, JobStreet contacted us well in advance of the 2021 holidays. So the JobStreet printing project was a total success.

JobStreet gifts box

EveryTees a Leader in Printed Gifts for
Malaysian Businesses

Every Tees is a well-established and energetic company that stays ahead of the trends when it comes to printing gifts. We are dedicated to offering trendy, personalized printed merchandise that meets our customers’ demands.

Our clients include big companies such as The Lorry Online, JobStreet, UKM and many more businesses like you!

Interested in printing T-Shirts, Polos, or Hoodies for your company? Contact our Sales and Support staff to discuss your plans.

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