Heat transfer technique is by transferring images on the garment.

The heat transfer technique is a popular printing method used for t-shirts. The process is basically transferring images onto the garment under high heat and pressure.

Heat Transfer Printing is most suitable for printing full colour pictures and multi-coloured graphics which includes tone graphics.  This method to transfer images onto t-shirts is popular because the process can take as little as 5 minutes to complete.  The Heat Transfer process can be separated into three different types of printing. For the benefitof clients, we present an understanding of some of the finer details of each process.


  • Sublimation Printing

This type of heat transfer printing works great on dry fit, microfiber, jersey, polyester and quick dry t-shirts.  It is interesting to point out that it is the sublimation printing method that is often used to print images and logos on coated mugs and plates that are seen in gift shops. The heat transfer images are transferred to t-shirts while using high temperatures and a steady pressure. The process usually only takes about one minute.  When completed, the t-shirt will have a permanent, vivid image that has a soft cotton like feel.


  • Transfer Printing

This is a different type of heat transfer technique that works well on almost any fabric including cotton and polyester. Like the sublimation printing, transfer printing uses a special type of ink and transfer paper.  It is interesting to point out that this method has two different types of transfer paper. One is for light coloured white t-shirts, and the other for dark and black coloured t-shirts.


  • Vinyl Printing

The vinyl printing process only uses one colour and is recommended for Flock, PU, Glitter, Glow in Dark, Reflective and Hologram materials.  Vinyl printing works well on many different types of fabrics.


Benefits of Heat Transfer Printing

  • You are able to print in multiple colours.
  • It can be inexpensive
  • It can create a custom printed heat transfer t-shirt in 5 minutes!
  • You can enjoy fast production time
  • There is no minimum order



In the heat press transfer printing process, you will first need to have your design or image in a quality printable PU (polyurethane) film. The quality and time taken to produce the resultant image on vinyl film will depend largely on the type of printer used.  In this regard, we are happy to inform that Everytees has recently acquired the all-new Roland DGAVS-300i ink-jet printer and cutter which produces printable PU films of the highest quality and durability. Using top quality and genuine eco solvent inks, the printable PU films are excellent in ink absorption. Together with vivid colour, easy cut and weeding, these films are the ideal solution for customising t-shirts and other apparel.


Our Printable PU is the perfect printable transfer vinyl of all time. It is a soft and stretchable polyurethane-based film specially developed for printing with eco-solvent printers such as the Roland DGAVS-300i printer. The PU used is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links that do not melt when heated.


While Silk Screen printing offers a better image and durability, heat transfers still have a purpose in many corporate and marketing projects.  EveryTees offers free consultation for our clients to help them determine the best value for their budget.   We have the experience to help solve all of your printing needs.   All of our printing designs are inspected before the t-shirt printing process begins to ensure that all of our  t-shirts are printed to perfection.


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Heat Transfers T shirts have no minimum order requirement,  and are low cost!

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