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Heat Transfer printing is a popular choice for t-shirt printing. They offer a cost-effective technique for printing low volume orders. The transfer designs are capable of producing vivid colors and detail.


Heat Transfer Printing Malaysia

EveryTees has been printing heat transfer t shirts in Malaysia for over 7 years. We strive to create the most exciting, professional printed t-shirts in Malaysia at the most affordable price.


Heat Transfer printing only takes a few days to design, and print. Contact us for an exact time.


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Everytees set no minimum order limits for heat transfer printing. Contact us for more information.

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Historic Image of Japanese silk screen printing

Transfer Printing was first used on tea sets in the United Kingdom.

The History of Heat Transfers


The technique of Heat Transfer printing first started in England during the 1700s, when John Sadler and Guy Green began to use transfer printing for ceramic based products such as ceramic tiles and tea pots.

Sadler and Green first chose to print on tiles as the flat tiles were easier to print on the curvature of ceramic tea ware.  The prints were created by creating a image on a tissue like paper, which was placed on a tile during the “firing process”.

The firing process would burn off the paper while leaving the ink print on the tile or teapot. The ceramic object would then receive a glazed coating that would provide a glossy protective coating over the image.

Sadler founded the Sato Corporation which continued to advance the Transfer technology.

What is Heat Transfer (Vinyl Printing)?

The heat transfer process is a two-stage process that involves (1) creating a negative image, that will be pressed onto a garment and (2) the actual heating and pressing of a transfer image onto the garment.  Today’s modern form of heat transfer printing includes methods and techniques from both dye and direct to garment printing.

Computers do most of the work during the design process as they are used to calculate the different amounts of ink and color that will be used to create the images.  Computers will also create a mirrored-negative that will then be pressed onto a target garment.

Production defects are minimized with the computer aided process as users are able to view the print as a computer-generated image before the actual printing begins. 

Images generated by the computer are printed onto a transfer paper, where the papers only purpose is to “hold” the image until it is placed on the target object (clothing, ceramic mug, etc..).  The positioned image is then heated and pressed onto the target object and allowed to cool.



Commercial grade heat press for t-shirts and garments.


Heat Transfer printing is the most popular method for printing low volume t shirts and mugs.

Image design and stenciling

Create Your Design

Image quality is the heart of a great t shirt, you can either use an image that you created or request one of our designers to create an professionally designed image for you.

cover screen with emulsion for silk screen printing

Computer Editor

Computers help us generate the physical image that will be transferred onto your t-shirt or coffee mug, the computer will perform all of the calculations for blending inks and replicating the design.

Etching and Silk Screen printing

Creating the Transfer

The image transfer is created using a special printer that works with our computer software to create a “negative” image that will be pressed onto the target object using heat and pressure.

Pulling Ink on Silk Screen

Transfer the Image

Heat Press equipment are used to transfer the image onto the target object (usually a t-shirt or mug). We use a specially designed press that helps insure both quality and efficiency.

Types of Heat Transfer printing

The Heat Transfer process can be separated into three different types of printing. For the benefit of clients, we present an understanding of some of the finer details of each process.

Sublimation Printing

This type of heat transfer printing works great on dry fit, microfiber, jersey, polyester and quick dry t-shirts. It is interesting to point out that it is the sublimation printing method that is often used to print images and logos on coated mugs and plates that are seen in gift shops. The heat transfer images are transferred to t-shirts while using high temperatures and a steady pressure. The process usually only takes about one minute. When completed, the t-shirt will have a permanent, vivid image that has a soft cotton like feel.


Transfer Printing

This is a different type of heat transfer technique that works well on almost any fabric including cotton and polyester. Like the sublimation printing, transfer printing uses a special type of ink and transfer paper. It is interesting to point out that this method has two different types of transfer paper. One is for light coloured white t-shirts, and the other for dark and black coloured t-shirts.


Vinyl Printing

The vinyl printing process only uses one colour and is recommended for Flock, PU, Glitter, Glow in Dark, Reflective and Hologram materials. Vinyl printing works well on many different types of fabrics.


Heat Transfers are commonly used to create “concert” and “event” T Shirts, they are a lot of fun to make and wear.

Fast Turn-around

Heat Transfer printing is fast and accurate and only takes a few days or in some cases a few hours. Just send us an image, and we will do the rest.

Heat Transfers are a great choice for sporting jerseys, and concert shirts as they are durable, colorful and easy to produce.

No Minimum Order

Heat Transfer printing is a great choice for printing low volume t shirts as we do not need much set-up time. Just send us the image and select the type of garment/mug and where you would like the image placed.

Have an idea for a great t shirt? Call us today!

Multiple Colours

Heat Transfer printing use specialized ink technologies that allow for the use of multiple, vivid colors. The colors are durable and will hold their beauty for a long time.

Heat Transfers are a favorite for promoting concerts and tourism. They look great and are easy to produce.


Heat Transfer printing has been around for a long, long time. New techniques are constantly being invented that begin to blur the distinction between heat printing and other more modern techniques.

Examples Of Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer printing is a popular choice and works well with t shirts, jerseys, hoodies and totes.


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