F1 Uniform

F1 Uniforms makes a great company uniform because they are very sporting and trendy to wear.   The F1 style was first seen in sports such as motor racing and darts and have grown to become a popular uniform in factories. A F1 uniform design usually consists of a sleeved shirt with a collar and top pocket, and are meant to be fitted outside of the pants. Every Tees uses only the best quality F1 uniforms which are supplied by Oren Sport Brand.  These shirts are constructed out of 65% Polyester, and 35% Viscose and weight only 200g/m . F1 uniforms come in a variety of both sizes, design variations and colours.  We recommend that either embroidery or silk screen printing be used on F1 uniforms as the combination will last for many years.  F1 uniforms are also machine wash & dry friendly which make them ideal for industrial uses. Please contact one of our professional staff to learn more about F1 Uniforms, printing methods, colours, size and selection.