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Embroidery adds a touch of class to any garment or baseball cap.  We highly recommend using embroidery stitching when you want to make your uniforms look their very best!  Contact Us today to learn about our embroidery services.


Professional Uniform Embroidery Services

Embroidery is done by stitching thread to construct an image on the apparel.  A customized embroidered t shirt or polo shirt is a great way to have your team or business stand out from the crowd.

When you use an embroidered design, it shows that you took the extra time and effort to create a truly authentic piece of clothing.

Every Tees offers exceptional quality embroidery for t-shirts, polo shirts, F1 uniform, caps, sweatshirts and jackets.

Our staff enjoys working with our clients on creating new and exciting embroidery designs.

Our embroidery process begins when a customer submits their design via email or quotation form. We will then review the design details and submit a quotation for the customer within twenty-four hours.

When the quotation is accepted, we then submit the design to our team to create a sample of the actual design that will be used on all the shirts. When the design is finalized we then begin to work on your order.

The entire embroidery process can take as little as 5 days and will depend on the level of detail needed for the stitching in the design.


Delivery Time

Our Embroidery orders take  5 to 10 working days. Contact us for an exact delivery time.

No Minimum Requirement

There are usually no minimum orders for embroidery. We can fullfill single orders.
*Block charge may apply if order below 10pcs

More Information

Please call or WhatsApp our friendly sales staff during normal business hours at +6018-2524756

The Embroidery  PROCESS

Even though embroidery involves a computer aided machines, there is still a need for a qualified person to oversee the process.


Artwork Inspection

Not All artwork is acceptable for use with embroidery. We recommend using simple designs that are bold in appearance.

Stay away from intrecate designs as they are often not acceptable for embroidery. 

Every Tees would prefer to have a camera ready or computer generated image of your design.


Digitized The Artwork

The embroidery process begins with the “digitizing” of a client’s artwork or design idea. This is where we take the image and convert it into stiches with the help of a specialized digitizing computer.

It is important to note that the process converts or “recreates” a two dimensional image into a three dimensional form.



Embroidery Sample

Once we have digitized the embroidery design we use the embroidery card to create a sample embroidery.

We then show the sample embroidery to the client for final inspection. 

If everything is acceptable we are ready to begin production on the clients products.


Trim Backing Material

Backing material is used to insure that the embroidery’s form is not distorted from the pressure from the sewing needles and thread.  

Without a backing material the embroidery would look uneven and “mushy”.  The backing material is either cut or pulled from the garment.

ADVANTAGES OF Embroidery Services

Embroideries at a touch of elegance to just about any uniform or ball cap.

Embroider Anything

Embroidery can be used on many different materials such as leather, polyester, nylon, cotton and synthetics.

You can embroider just about anything including bags, dresses, baseball caps, robes, polo shirts, dress shirts and more.

Professional appearance

Embroideries look great on everything, they have been used on official military and royal uniforms, as well as commercial branding on polos and towels.

Embroideries will almost always look better on uniforms than Silk Screen Printing or Direct to Garment printed logos and designs.

Long Lasting Design

Embroidery Designs last a long time due to the durability of the nylon threads.  The colors do not run or fade and will keep their coloration for many years.

Embroideries are a great selection for towels, uniforms, polos and corporate shirts.

DISADVANTAGES OF Embroidery Services

Embroidery does involve some time to digitaize the images, create test embroideries and pull the embroidery backings.

Embroideries do involve some set up time, they also use resources to stitch the embroidery which can become costly for jacket sized embroideries. We recommend that you contact us to discuss the best solution for your company uniform.

Examples Of Embroidery Services

Contact us to learn more about using our embroidery stitching process for your project.


Silk Embroidery depicting the Imperial Embroidery Work

Embroidery History

 Embroidery has been used by man since prehistoric times dating back to 30,000 BC, when Cro-Magnon man hand stitched clothes, shoes and hats using basic hand tools.

Embroidery Artifacts can be found in almost every part of the world and has been integrated in every culture.  Some of the earliest embroidery artifact from modern man have been found in Siberia (5000 BC) and China (3500 BC).

The development of embroidery mainly occurred in the Asian and Middle East region where they began to modify the process by using needles, and fibers.  Embroidery became a form of expression in these regions and was used to create detailed works of art.

The first embroidery machine appeared in France during the Industrial Revolution in the year 1832.  The machine was invented by Josue Heilman.  It wasn’t till the 1900’s that embroidery machine became readily available.

How Does Embroidery Work?

The Embroidery process begin with an image examination.  During the inspection we use our years of experience to imagine what the image would look like as an embroidery.

During the embroidery inspection we will pat special attention to the number of colors used, the level of detail needed, the size and styling of any lettering, and the color variations.

If the image meets our initial criteria, we will then digitize the image and create an embroider card.  The Embroidery card will contain all of the information needed to translate the image into an embroidery.

In many cases we will use the embroidery card to create a test embroidery that we can show to the client.  On occasion, our trained specialists will edit the digitalized image in hope of enhancing the embroideries design characteristics.

The embroidery is created using a special embroidery machine such as the Type 2 multi-head TFMX-IIC professional embroidery Tajima machine, which we currently use for all of our embroidery projects.


Type 2 multi-head TFMX-IIC professional embroidery machine

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