Embroidery is done by stitching thread to construct an images on the apparel.

A customized embroidered t shirt or polo shirt is a great way to have your team or business stand out from the crowd. When you use an embroidered design, it shows that you took the extra time and effort to create a truly authentic piece of clothing.

Every Tees offers exceptional quality embroidery for t-shirts, polo shirts, F1 uniform, caps, sweatshirts and jackets. Our staff enjoys working with our clients on creating new and exciting embroidery designs. Our embroidery process begins when a customer submits their design via email or quotation form. We will then review the design details and submit a quotation for the customer within twenty four hours.

When the quotation is accepted, we then submit the design to our team to create a sample of the actual design that will be used on all the shirts. When the design is finalized we then begin to work on your order.

The entire embroidery process can take as little as 5 days and will depend on the level of detail needed for the stitching in the design.

Embroidery Digitizing Process

The embroidery process begins with the “digitizing” of a client’s artwork or design idea.  This is where we take the image and convert it into stiches with the help of a specialized digitizing computer.  It is important to note that the process converts or “recreates” a two dimensional image into a three dimensional form.

The digitizing process becomes more complicated (expensive) as the images size and number of colours increase.  A great deal of human interaction is needed to guide the computer, skill and creativity are essential.

While it is possible to use a business card, letterhead or decal to create an embroidery, EveryTee would prefer to have a camera ready or computer generated image.

Embroidery Production Process

Even though embroidery involves a computer aided machines, there is still a need for a qualified person to oversee the process.

Garment/Apparel Material Selection

Choosing the right type of garment/apparel material is an important when embroidering.  At Every Tees we use the best quality t shirts and polo tees to insure that the embroidery work looks it best and lasts a long time.

We recommend discussing with us in beforehand, any the preferences of different materials.  Our staff can then do the research necessary to insure that the end product is a success!

Every Tees has been supplying many happy customers in and around the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor states for over five years.  We would love to have you as our customer!

If you would like to learn more about the embroidery process, please contact us by calling + 6011-28992593 or emailing [email protected]

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