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Direct to garment (DTG) printing is a revolutionary new printing technique that offers many benefits for consumers. Unlike silk screen printing where there is an initial set up cost, the direct to garment method requires very little setup work and is notably cheaper in price than silk screen printing for small quantity order.


Professional DTG Printing

Every Tees Sdn Bhd is an expert in Direct to Garment printing. We have the equipment and professional know how to tackle almost every DTG project. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality printed t shirts, polos, totes and more at very affordable prices. We deliver quality every time.

Delivery Time

Most DGT Print orders take 5 to 7 working days. Contact us for an exact delivery time.


No Minimum Requirement

Direct To Garment printing is a great choice for small orders as we can take single shirt orders.


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An Early “Fast T Jet” Direct to Garment Printer

Direct To Garment History

Direct to Garment printing is a perfect example of how the computer revolution has affected the printing industry.  The DTG printer uses sophisticated computer aided technology to spray tiny droplets of ink onto garments. 

The technology was the first big advance in printing since Screen printing in the 1700’s.  The technology was first introduced in 2004 at the SGIA show in Minneapolis.  At that time, both Mimaki and U.S. Screen showcased their revolutionary Direct Printing machines.

At the time of launch, the machines could only print on light coloured clothing as the printing machines were not able to use white ink. By the end of 2005, U.S. Screen had introduced the first every DTG printer that could print on dark garments.  It was called the Fast T-Jet printer.

Today’s DTG printers have amazing capabilities and can print multiple t shirts and garments at the same time,  the machines are easy to operate and maintain. 


Direct To GArment (DTG) Process

Direct to Garment printing process involves computer aided application (spraying) of aqueous water-based textile inks onto a garment. The ink is absorbed by the garment fibres and will need time to cure.

DTG printing works well with the cotton fibres that are commonly found in both t-shirts and polos.

The ink is sprayed onto the garment through small inkjet nozzles, the spraying pattern and colour is guided by a computer program. The ink is absorbed by the garment fibres and is allowed to dry.

DTG printing works well with the cotton fibres that are commonly found in both t shirts and polos. In many cases a cotton t shirt is pre-treated to allow for the accurate absorption of ink.


Ink Jet Nozzles are tiny, they are about 1/10th the size of a human hair (10 micrometers).


The DTG printing process is straightforward and fast.


Preparing the Design

Working with DTG images is easy, just provide us with either pixel or vector images. We recommend that you send us TIFF or PDF files.


Pre Coating T Shirts

Most garments are pre-treated with a pre-treatment liquid or spray to insure that the clothing fibres are ready to absorb the DTG ink.

Printing Process

Once the garments are dry from pre-treating, they are ready to be printed using the DTG inkjet printer. Multiple garments can be printed simultaneously.


Heat Curing the Ink

We allow each garment the proper time to fully cure the water based ink. In many cases heat is used to speed up the process time.


Direct to Garment printing allows you the ability to order a single custom-made t shirt or polo at a very affordable price. DTG printing is great for complicated designs & patterns where an emphasis is placed on detail.


No MInimum Orders

There are no setup costs associated with Direct To Garment printing, which means that you can order a single custom printed t shirt at a very affordable price.

DTG Customers can enjoy substantial savings over traditional silk screen printing due to the advanced computer aided printing process. The computer aided printer will digitize your image and mix the perfect colour inks for your design.


Intricate Designs

Direct to Garment advanced inkjet technology can print a broad array of vivid colours and intricate shapes. We recommend that you consider using Direct to Garment printing when detail and colour is important.

DTG printing’s ability to print highly accurate images is due to it’s inherent use of ink jet technology which controls the positioning of the garment and mixing of coloured inks.

Long Lasting, Natural Feel

Many customers like to use Direct to Garment printing as the designs tend to last a long time. The reason behind it’s great durability is the fact that the ink is actually absorbed into the clothing fibers.
In addition to lasting a long time the printed garments also feel natural, the natural feel is due to the ink being absorbed into the clothing. SIlkscreen and Heat Transfer printing feels unnatural due to the ink on top of the clothing material.

Environmentally Friendly

Leading DTG ink manufacturers like Brothers & Epson have developed environmentally safe inks that meet the OEKO-TEX 100 certification, which mean that the entire DTG process (printing & cleaning) is environmentally sound.

The use of environmentally certified inks means that both the print shop workers and the end users are living in a safer, healthy environment.


DTG printing needs the ink to be absorbed by the garment. Some modern materials do not work well with DTG.

 Can Not Print on Polyester Shirts

DTG printing needs the fibers of a garment to absorb the ink. Unfortunately, materials such as polyester do not absorb ink that well. We always recommend using cotton for DTG printing.

Examples Of Direct To Garment Printing

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