Custom Designed T Shirts

Design Your Own Custom Design T Shirt ?

Designing your own custom design t shirts is easy with our online customization software, just follow the instructions below.  If you run into trouble, you can contact our friendly support via email, phone, or WhatsApp. Please make sure to save your work before contacting our support staff.

Custom Design T shirt in 4 easy steps

1 .Select A Product Type

To the top left of our custom design page you’ll see a product option button (see product option image below). Use this button to select the type of t shirt that you wish to use as a base for your design.  You can always change sizes and colors of your work at a later time, just make that you save your work.

The two options Product Colors & Size (see colors & size image below) are below the product visual.

Image – Product optionImage – Colors and Size

Once you make your selection, you will see your product selection appear for the design app, this image will give you a realistic representation of your completed project.  The app lets you customize your entire t shirt including both front and back and sleeves (see custom view image).  Just click on the images in the bottom of the custom design app, you’ll then see the selected view on the custom design app display.

Image – Custom View

2. Begin to Customize Your T-shirt

Once you have selected the product type, color and size, you can then begin to customize your shirt.  There is a button on the left hand side called Add Text, use this button to add names and slogans to your t shirt design.  Note that you’ll be able to change the color, size and font type of the text.

EveryTees has many images that you can add to your t shirt, you can find these images by selecting the Add Art button. The images are available in several different colors that increase the range of color combinations for your design.

You can upload images and photographs by using the Upload Image button, which is found directly under the Add Art Button.  This button function will also allow you to edit your uploaded images.

Personalize your t shirt by adding names and team numbers, all you have to do is to use the Name and Number buttons on the left, right below the Add Art Button.

It is important to note that you can position all of your art work by dragging and moving it on your shirt design.


3. Save Your Custom Design

Once you are finished with your custom design, you can now use the save feature that creates a custom link for your work.

Image – Save Button

4. Send design link

Copy the design link and send to our support email or whatsapp to +6011-2899 2593 (kindly include quantity for quotation)

Image – Copy link

Start Design Now

Custom Design T shirts – Printing Methods

Your custom T shirt Designs can be used with a wide variety of t shirt printing methods such as  Heat Transfer, Silk Screening (for small orders) and Direct to Garment (DTG) printing (large orders).  Please feel free to contact us for more details.