Quality Cotton T-Shirts

Cotton T Shirts have been around for over 200 years and are still very popular in fashion, casual wear and as company uniforms.  While many types of clothing have changed over the years, T Shirts still keep true to their original design by sporting no collar, and short sleeves.  The only real change to the t shirt has come in the form of a V-style shirt which was introduced more as an undergarment shirt.

T shirts represent freedom to many people and offer a canvas like platform for people to voice their feelings by printing their ideas, slogans and images onto the t shirt via silk screen, heat transfer or direct to garment printing.

Cotton t shirts are very popular for events, clubs, societies, schools and businesses as they are relatively low cost to produce and easy to clean and maintain.  They are also very durable and can be both machine washed and dried.

EveryTees, carries both Gildan and Oren Sport Cotton t shirts who offer superior quality and durability in two different price ranges.  The Gildan T shirts are the world’s most popular t shirt for use in t shirt printing.   The Oren cotton t shirts are a local t shirt which offers very good quality at a very reasonable price.

Our cotton t shirts come in a large selection of colours and sizes including blue, green, yellow, black and bright whites.  They can be ordered with or without top pockets and can be printed on both front and back sides of the shirt.

Please contact one of our full time staff members to inquire about the best solution for your needs.  Every Tees has been supplying quality cotton t shirts to Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas for over 8 years.