♦ Why Corporate Shirt Design important?

A Corporate T Shirt represents your company and should to be designed using quality branded shirts.  Craftsmanship also plays an important role in the presentation of your design.

Every Tees is an established t shirt printing company in Malaysia.  We have been creating corporate shirts for over seven years, and have many satisfied customers.

Please take some time to learn from our years of experience in the t shirt design industry.  We have the professional knowledge to help you create an exciting, professional looking company shirt.

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♦ Company Shirt Design Tips

Corporate Shirt Design involves matching a company’s corporate color profile and logos with a quality, branded shirt. While the process may sound simple, there are a lot of areas that need consideration before placing an order.

Every Tees has been creating corporate shirts for over seven years, and has many satisfied customers. Please take a few minutes to learn about the design and ordering process.

Polo Tees make great Corporate Shirts

♦ Printing Methods

We can design your corporate shirt using a variety of shirt designs, and printing methods including embroidery, direct to garment, heat transfer, and silk screening.  The type of t shirt design depends on such factors as cost, wear and tear, colors used, and quantity ordered.

In general, we recommend always recommend using our skilled embroidery for a professional looking company image.  A cost effective second choice would be silk screen printing as these shirts look nice and are considerably cheaper when ordering over 30 pieces.

Shirt Styles

We carry a full lineup of different shirt styles, our styles include cotton t shirts, polo shirts, f1 shirts, quick dry shirts, tank tops (not really recommended for corporate shirts 😉.

Most budget conscious companies usually request either t-shirts or polo tees.  If you really want to showcase your company brand, we recommend using either the F1 uniform style or our Executive style. The F1 and Executive styles really look great

♦ Color Selection

While the most obvious color selection would be to use your corporate colors, there are a points that should be addressed before confirming a color.

The first consideration would be based on the employee’s role when wearing their company shirt.  It makes little sense to issue a great looking “white” or lite colored shirt to a staff member who will be getting both their hands and their shirts dirty.

Choosing the right color combination makes a world of difference 

We almost always recommend the use of grey or black for active workers.  By using a darker color, the wear and tear becomes minimal and stains are easier to remove. Office staff shirt designs are less likely to get dirty and can safely use any color.

Every Tees is proud to announce that we can match your exact corporate colors, the process is labor intensive and would require a minimum order of 500 pieces.

Below is an example of an exact match company shirt design.  Our client, Job Street, was impressed with the level of detail that our process provided.

Example of Exact Match (color) for Company T Shirt Design (client – Job street) 

♦ Company Logos

Logos are an important aspect of every company shirt design as people can easily remember a good logo.  Many leading marketing firms suggest that a logo plays an important role in branding your company. We can work with you to decide on the best placement of your company logo.

We can also help you by either deigning or upgrading your present logo.  Our logo design rates are usually between RM50 and RM100+ (updated 05/11/2017).

♦ How long does the process take?

On average our production work for ready made t shirts take between 7 to 10 working days.  Our custom orders take between 2 to 3 weeks. Although not recommended, we can try to complete “rush” orders in less time, buy the request may require additional costs to cover our overtime expenses.

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♦ Cheap = Risk (Why Quality matters more)

Too many times we receive calls that only ask about our price.  While price is important, the quality of material and overall design should be the main focus for every order.

We require three things when offering quotations to our visitors.

#1 – First we need to know your budget and the number of pieces that you require.

#2 – Second, we need to fully understand the type of design that you prefer.  It’s very difficult to offer quotations for our work based on a verbal description over the phone.

We require that you send to us detailed information of your design requirements.

#3 – Thirdly, we need to know the exact delivery date.

Once we have the proper information, we can offer the best solution for your budget.

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♦ Professional Guidance

We do our best to make every order a success!  We make first time customer feel at ease, as we understand that most first time customers have little knowledge about designing and ordering company shirts.

Black and White Designs can send a powerful message

♦ Do It Yourself Design (Test A Design Idea)

Every Tees also offers an online do-it-yourself design option. It’s a great way to run through ideas and try new things before committing to your specific design details. Once you’re comfortable with your design, you can follow our instructions to save your work.
Once your work is saved, we will have a professional designer review the design and offer suggestions if necessary.

Every Tees online Design tool