You have an event or a need coming up, and you are sourcing for bulk t-shirt printing. But you are constrained by your finances, or on a tight budget perhaps. What do you do ? Do you opt for cheap t-shirt printing where the colours will run and the fabric shrinks ?

Well, here is a piece of good news for you. Affordable t-shirt printing is available and it’s the answer to your  predicament. It gives you value for money without loss of quality and yet meets the budget and objective.Indeed, affordable t-shirt printing in Malaysia is there for the taking. You only need to consider and tweak the right options and there you have it, a quality purchase at an affordable price.

At Everytees, our growth in the T-Shirt printing industry can be attributed to our focus on providing superior quality printed t-shirts and design at a very affordable price.  Come and talk to us. We believe there is no problem that cannot be solved. After all, we do have the experience and skill to give you a package that is commensurate with your budget with no loss in overall quality and intrigue.We can work this out together.

The t-shirt printing process consists of many stages, methods and components. Understanding these will place you in the driving seat to determine and decide on a package which best fits your budget with affordable quality.

We, at Everytees, will explain to you the entire printing process and help you to decide on the most affordable package that will hugely contribute to the success of your event.

1.     Methods used in t-shirt printing

The two most commonly used methods for t-shirt printing are DIRECT TO GARMENT, or DTG and SCREEN PRINTING.

DTG is a printing process that spits out the design on a t-shirt instead of a piece of paper, very much like how an inkjet printer works. One benefit of using the DTG method  is you don’t need to print a huge batch of t-shirts to make it cost effective. With DTG printing, there is no significant setup cost involved.  The machine is connected to a computer, and when triggered to print, it just slaps the design onto the shirt.

Although the DTG process  is great for small batches since it avoids  setup costs, you get no advantage in bulk printing. Each shirt still has to run through the printer one at a time.

For large quantity printing, you cannot go wrong by opting for the screen printing method. Although there is a setup cost involved, ordering in large quantities will distribute the cost resulting in are deduced the cost per printed garment. In addition, the beauty about screen printing is that you can use the same screens should you want to re-order in future. This gives you added savings as the setup cost would be less the next time around.



Colours play an important role in determining the price of a printed t-shirt. If the colour of the t-shirt blank is not an issue, then you might want to go for white. This is because the darker the fabric gets, the costlier it gets.

Another significant price determiner that is colour related is the number of colours in your design. With screen printing, the higher the number of colours you have in the design, the more expensive it will be. This is because a printer usually has to separate each colour in the design stage.This colour separation process translates into more time spent, materialsand labour usedthus elevating the price. We recommend that you  limit your colours of the design to just two colours ideally while the design itself is best kept at A3 size.


3.    Type and Quality of T-SHIRT

In deciding which type of garment to use for your purpose, you will first need to establish what category of users will be donning these t-shirts.  If it is going to be for a product or service promotion,   you might want to opt for light-weight shirts. By going light, your t-shirt printing job will not cost much as the heavier the garment, the higher the cost. And you will still have a great product to help you promote your business. Besides, product promotion is not an everyday affair and you won’t be using them for long.

From the fabric aspect, your more affordable option would be cotton. Whether it’s pure cotton or cotton blended with other materials, cotton is always the cheapest material to print on.

Other types of fabric, especially nylon and moisture wicking, will cost you more.

The  styleof the t-shirt is also an aspect that affects your cost. Typical roundneckt-shirts are usually  the most economical choice. Styles like scoop neck, V-neck and tank tops will most probably require you to dig deeper into your pockets.

At Everytees, our basic cotton round neck, Comfy Cotton T-Shirt and Gildan Softstyle T-Shirts,  are indeed an affordable and quality option that could ease up on your budget.



The quantity of your order is another major factor in determining  the t-shirt price per piece. Whether the order is for just one t-shirt or 500 t-shirts, the time, and hence the cost to set up the press,  is the same. Careful planning and deciding on the final quantity to order, including any extras you may need, will save you on cost per piece. You can take advantage of price breaks which presents you with a discounted price on your bulk order.

Furthermore, at Everytees, any order above 50 pieces will reward you with a waiver on the shipping fee.


5.      EFFECTS OF Design Placement IN T-SHIRT PRINTING

Typical print zones for t-shirts include the centre part of the back, the centre part of the front and the pocket zone on the left side of the chest area of the t-shirt. Depending on the purpose of the t-shirt, the less print zones there are, the  more savings you will have.



It’s hard sometimes to figure out how to increase your quantity from, say, 32 to 50 so as to utilise the price break and also shipping fee benefits. The effort taken in planning well ahead will be well worth your while. Think about what your needs might be next month or even next year. The rule of thumb is “Don’t order 25 today and another 25 next month. Order 50 today!”.

We find that many times too many clients put their trust into a t-shirt printing company and then regret when they receive inferior results.  When you do business with EveryTees, you’ll always receive the best quality t-shirt blanks.  We  build our success by offering the best quality shirts and garments. We sit with you and explain the processes involved and we help you meet your objective and come up with an eye-catching  package that doesn’t deplete your finances.

We are here to welcome you should you contact us for any information or advice that you may seek.