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The Every Tees Company has been providing services for t-shirt printing, design and embroidery for customers in and around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for over seven years.  Our growth in the T-Shirt printing industry can be attributed to our focus on providing superior quality printed t shirts and design at a very affordable price.

Our company mission is to provide clients in and around Kuala Lumpur to experience a “one stop” t-shirt and design service that can be ordered online and delivered to your company or institution.  We try to answer all product inquires within 4 hours which will include a company quotation.


Welcome To EveryTees

We are a T-Shirt Printing company specializing in design.

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Our designers are always creating exhilarating, lively images and designs for our customers. They take great pride in producing unique t-shirt designs and embroideries. Let our experienced design team help you with your next order. They’ll be using the latest colours and toning effects from the silk screen industry to make sure that your t-shirts stand out from the crowd.
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A quality product says a lot about your company. EveryTees, offers Gildan branded T shirt from the United States for all of our printing services. The Gildan brand t shirt “blanks”, are extremely comfortable and durable. They are also specially designed for t-shirt printing, design and embroidery.At EveryTees we provide our customers with the best quality for their budget. We will never cut corners by substituting low quality t shirt “blanks” in place of our standard high quality shirts.
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We understand that many of our customers’ orders will never be inspected for quality beforehand. As the t-shirts are usually passed out to employees at special events or gatherings. We understand the trust that many of our clients place with us, and do our part by placing strict quality controls for our t-shirt printing and silk screen services. We monitor every order with a watchful eye to insure that the t-shirts designs meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

“Buying a quality t-shirt says a lot about your company”

Some of our corporate clients include Job Street, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, AmBank, Standard Chartered bank, Monash University, Taylor University, UCSI University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, University of Nottingham, and INTI International University. While we focus much of our t-shirt printing & embroidery business on large corporate and education institutions, we still find time to help individuals and small businesses with their needs. We still offer all of our t-shirt printing customers a “rush service” with the required minimum number of t shirts set at one.

In addition to t shirt printing and design, EveryTees provides professional silk screen printingembroidery, heat transfer printing,  direct to garment (DTG) printing and sublimation printing.  Our extensive list of services allows us to provide customers with many options in design, turnaround time and budget.  In addition to t-shirts, we also work on other types of garments such as baseball caps, polo and regular button shirts.


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Everytees Benefits


Ultra-Fast Inquiry Response
At EveryTees we work fast to meet our clients busy schedules.   We will answer all online enquiries within 4 hours.  We are business people too, so we understand that sometimes clients are pressed for time to make things happen.  So if you’re up late working on a company event or promotion and need information on our t-shirt print services, simply email us using one of our contact forms.  You’ll receive a reply in hours!

Quality, Quality, Quality 
We find that many times too many companies put their trust into a t shirt printing company and then receive inferior results due to cost cutting and low quality t shirt blanks.  When you do business with EveryTees, you’ll always receive the best quality t-shirt blanks, polo shirts, caps, and artwork.  We are building our success by offering the best quality shirts and garments.

Turn Around and Delivery
We know that time is important for the customer, so we prepare online quotation to fill-up. We also help meet our clients’ needs by visiting the customer’s location to display the samples.

No Minimum Order / Rush Orders 
Every Tees has no minimum order required, we will accept one piece orders. We also accept urgent, rush jobs, our lead time is 1 week for ready made t-shirt and 2-3 weeks for custom made t-shirt.